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Any registered Republican is welcome to join a local club. As a member of a local club, you are automatically a member of the State and National Federation. If you wish to join more than one club, you may do so, but the club closest to where you live will be your primary club. If you'd like to just show support for the State Federation as a member but not join a club, you can also do that. Men who wish to join are Associate Members and benefit from all the programs, but are not able to vote at the club or state level.

If you would like to start a new club in your area or have questions about which club you should join, check out our FAQ's below or contact our Statewide Membership Director:


- Membership ion a local club gives you membership in the State and National Federation. You will receive invitations to exclusive members only events and updates via NHFRW emails as well as stay up to date with what's happening nationally through the National Federation's e-newsletter, Capital Connection.

- Invitations to Republican events throughout the state with Membership discounts to our events

- Ability to get involved in local, state, and national issues, campaigns and elections.

- Receive support and resources if running for a public office

- Receive local club and state newsletters as well as invitation to join our Private Facebook Networking Group

-Opportunity to participate in monthly statewide meet-ups with FRW clubs, speaker series, meet & greet's with national and local candidates, networking events, education workshops, digital advertising and social media tools and civic engagement opportunities


Cheshire County Federated Republican Women (CC FRW)

Greater Manchester Federated Republican Women (GM FRW)

Nashua Area Federated Republican Women (NA FRW)

North Country Federated Republican Women (NC FRW)

Seacoast Republican Women (SRW)

Souhegan Valley Federated Republican Women (SV FRW)

v Greater Salem Federated Republican Women (GS FRW) - NEW CLUB! 

v Support the State Federation

Prefer to pay with a check? Please mail your membership checkmade payable to NHFRW to:

Donni Hodgkins, Treasurer ~ 39Thornton Ferry Road I in Amherst, NH 03031


How Much are Membership Dues? 

$35 - Dues are $35 annually for both Members (women) and Associate Members (men). You will receive all Club, State and National Membership Benefits with your dues.

How Should I Decide Which Club to Make my Primary Club?

Most people choose the Club closest to their location. However, anyone may join any club regardless of location or membership to a previous club. When selecting your Primary Club, choose the club you wish to have the most involvement in or potentially be elected to a leadership role in. Regardless of your Primary Club, all New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women members have access to all of our Clubs events, programing and activities! 

Can I Switch Clubs?

Yes - If you would like to change your Primary Club to a different Club when renewing your dues, you can absolutely do so! 
However, you cannot switch Primary Clubs mid-year.

Important Information on Joining the NEW Greater Salem FRW as your Primary Club:

Joining as a Member from a Previous Club - If you are a current NHFRW Member or Associate Member from another club and you would like to become a member of the Greater Salem FRW, please DO NOT renew as your same club but rather register to the Greater Salem FRW Club as a new member.
Joining as a New Member - If you are not a current NHFRW Member or Associate Member, please register to the Greater Salem FRW Club as a new member.

Information on Starting a New Club in Your Area:

Don't see a Club in your area? Invite 10 Republican women in your area to form the Club and we'd love to help you get started! 

Contact Our Club Presidents:

Cheshire Republican Women, Jane Johnson - CLICK HERE
Greater Manchester Federated Republican Women, Nicole Martin - CLICK HERE
Nashua Area Federated Republican Women, Rep. Jeanine Notter - CLICK HERE
North Country Federated Republican Women, Terry McCarthy - CLICK HERE
Seacoast Republican Women, Donna Slack - CLICK HERE
Souhegan Valley Republican Women, Christine Peters -
Greater Salem FRW - CLICK HERE

Contact The New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women: