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As the largest Republican women's organization in New Hampshire and the official New Hampshire Chapter of the National Federation of Republican Women (established in 1944) with seven clubs across the Granite State. We exist to empower women in New Hampshire to understand, appreciate and participate in the political process, run for election, support women who run and have the resources they need to succeed while connecting and communicating with women with similar goals and interests.

Join our network of empowered female leaders, activists and elected officials in New Hampshire with a $35 annual membership. Any registered Republican is welcome to join a local club. As a member of a local club, you are automatically a member of the State and National Federation and receive Club, State and National Membership Benefits. Our membership body ranges from College Republicans, Young Republicans, young professionals to business women, working moms, grandmothers and established Republican women within the Party. All are welcome! 

Anyone is welcome to join any Club regardless of location. Click on a Club below and join our team! Be sure to scroll down and read about our Membership Benefits and view our Membership FAQ page! 


Cheshire County Federated Republican Women (CC FRW)

Greater Manchester Federated Republican Women (GM FRW)

Nashua Area Federated Republican Women (NA FRW)

North Country Federated Republican Women (NC FRW)

Seacoast Republican Women (SRW)

Souhegan Valley Federated Republican Women (SV FRW)

v Greater Salem Federated Republican Women (GS FRW) - NEW CLUB! 

v Support the State Federation

v Prefer to contribute your membership dues with a check? Please mail your membership check made payable to NHFRW to:

Donni Hodgkins, Treasurer
39 Thornton's Ferry Road I
Amherst, NH 03031

*Please include a note indicating which Club you would like to join as your Primary Club! 


-Membership to a local club gives you membership in the State and National Federation. Specific Membership benefits vary from Club to Club depending on what the Club offers at the time. All Clubs have exclusive programming, private networking, invitations to candidate meet & greets, in-person events, educational programming, leadership opportunities, Christmas Parties, socials and more!


-You will receive invitations to exclusive members only events and updates via NHFRW emails as well as stay up to date with what's happening nationally through the National Federation's e-newsletter, Capital Connection.

-Opportunity to participate in monthly statewide meet-ups with FRW clubs, speaker series, meet & greet's with national and local candidates, networking events, education workshops, digital advertising and social media tools and civic engagement opportunities

- Invitations to Republican events throughout the state. At our events, members will have access to membership discounts, Pre-Sale tickets and opportunities to network with national guest speakers. Past events have included: Lilac Luncheon (Concord, NH), Christmas Party (Bedford, NH), Pink Tea Party (Dublin, NH), Apple Picking Party (Hampton, NH), Summer BBQ (Auburn, NH) and more! 

-Priority access to NHFRW in-person and virtual programming including Candidate Meet & Greets, Exclusive Candidate Zoom Luncheon's and educational programming. Priority access to NHFRW's virtual happy hour: Cocktails & Capitalism.

- Ability to get involved in local, state, and national issues, campaigns and elections.

- Eligible to receive support, financial support and resources if running for a public office

- Receive local club and state newsletters as well as invitation to join our Private Facebook Networking Group

-Opportunity to participate in National FRW Members Only briefings with US Congressional and Senate Representatives as well as campaign leaders and RNC leadership.

-Opportunity to participate in National FRW trainings, classes, programs and leadership opportunities. Meet like-minded Republican women from across the country.


How much are membership dues? Can both women and men join?

$35 - Dues are $35 annually for both Members (women) and Associate Members (men). Women receive all Club, State and National Membership Benefits with your dues which includes full voting rights within your Primary Club, the opportunity to be a delegate to NHFRW and NFRW conventions and the opportunity to hold leadership within the organization at the Club, State and National level. Men are welcome to join as Associate Members with Club, State and National Membership benefits that exclude club voting rights and delegate and leaedership opportunities.

How should I decide which club to make my Primary Club?

Most people choose the Club closest to their location. However, anyone may join any club regardless of location or membership to a previous club. When selecting your Primary Club, choose the club you wish to have the most involvement in or potentially be elected to a leadership role in. Regardless of your Primary Club, all New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women members have access to all of our Clubs events, programing and activities! 

Do I have to be a candidate running for office to join? 

No - We have many our members who are candidates and who run for office. During an election year, if you are a female member candidate, you are eligible to receive financial support during the General Election from both the local Club and the State Federation. You do not need to be running for office to join NHFRW! We have many members who are not candidates but rather run campaigns, work on campaigns, volunteer at the local and state level, help organize events, make calls, knock doors, fundraise, help run the organization in leadership roles, attend events and more.
If you are new to politics and wondering how to get involved, NHFRW is a great network to help you get started! 

Once I've joined, where to I find the resources available to me from the State and National Federation? 

Join our private statewide Facebook networking group to connect with other club members within NHFRW: CLICK HERE
Join our statewide email list and be the first to know about our events, membership opportunities and more: CLICK HERE
Fill out our membership volunteer form: CLICK HERE
Create an NFRW account to see all National FRW membership opportunities: CLICK HERE
Follow NHFRW on Facebook and stay up to date: CLICK HERE

Can I switch Clubs?

Yes - If you would like to change your Primary Club to a different Club when renewing your dues, you can absolutely do so! 
However, you cannot switch Primary Clubs mid-year.

Can I join more than one Club? 

Your primary membership dues as a Member will go to the Club that you choose as your Primary Club, which is the club closest to you in location. However, you can join as an Associate Member to another club with $35 membership dues. Associate members do not have full voting rights and cannot hold leadership within the Associate Member Club. When contributing your dues for multiple clubs, please email letting us know which club is your Primary Club.

Information on starting a new Club in your area:

Don't see a Club in your area? We would love to help you get started! Invite 10 Republican women in your area to form the Club or if you don't know 10 women who are interested, we are here to help! Email:

The Lakes Region FRW is currently organizing. Interested in being a founding member? Email to get involved!

What areas of New Hampshire do not have Clubs at the moment? 

Strafford County, Grafton County, Merrimack County, Belknap County, Coos County
Email if you'd like to see a club started in one of these areas or your area specifically! 

How do I check and see if my membership dues are paid for 2021? 

Log onto your membership account on the NFRW website: CLICK HERE. Click "MY ACCOUNT" then "MANAGE MY ACCOUNT" and you'll be able to see your membership status and update any new information! 
Forgot your password? Reset it: CLICK HERE
Don't have an account? Make one and get access to all of the NFRW resources: CLICK HERE

Contact our Club Presidents:

Cheshire Republican Women, Jane Johnson - CLICK HERE
Greater Manchester Federated Republican Women, Nicole Martin - CLICK HERE
Nashua Area Federated Republican Women, Rep. Jeanine Notter - CLICK HERE
North Country Federated Republican Women, Terry McCarthy - CLICK HERE
Seacoast Republican Women, Donna Slack - CLICK HERE
Souhegan Valley Republican Women, Christine Peters -
Greater Salem FRW, Tanya Donnelly - CLICK HERE

Contact The New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women: