Campaigns & Elections

The New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women provides both Statewide and access to national FRW workshops, trainings, connections and networking opportunities to ensure conservative women running for office in the Granite State have the support and resources they need to be successful! 

We have many members who are not candidates but rather run campaigns, work on campaigns, volunteer at the local and state level, help organize events, make calls, knock doors, fundraise, help run the organization in leadership roles, attend events and more.
If you are new to politics and wondering how to get involved, NHFRW is a great network to help you get started! 

Member Candidate Support - During an election year, if you are a member candidate running for office, you are eligible to receive financial support during the General Election from both the local Club and the State Federation.  We believe in empowering women to think for themselves, have their own ideas and be educated on all issues and acknowledge different opinions and will work to support women as they pull up a chair and have a seat at the table.

All Campaigns - If you are interested in partnering with NHFRW for a Meet & Greet, event or networking session, please email Campaigns & Elections Director, Virginia Drye,

Meet Virginia Drye - Campaigns & Elections Director

Virginia is Vice Chair of the Cheshire Republican Women's Club and former NHFRW Bylaws Chair. Virginia currently serves on the NHFRW Events Committee and helped organize the Votes for Women Picnic and the Pink Tea Party last year.

Virginia registered to vote on her eighteenth birthday and cast her first vote for her mother. She is an active member of the Sullivan County GOP, New Hampshire Young Republicans, and NHFRW.

Virginia ran in 2018 and 2020 for State Representative! She is now pursuing a Bachelor of Science in History at Liberty University Online.