About The NH Federation of Republican Women

The New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women is the largest grassroots Republican women’s organization in New Hampshire. We are the Official New Hampshire Chapter of the National Federation of Republican Women. Our State Federation consists of six clubs throughout New Hampshire and we are hard at work creating more clubs. Within the State Federation we have an Executive Board with female leaders from across the state (meet them below) and an Advisory Board which consists of the Club Presidents. Our Executive Board meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month at 4pm in Concord. Members and interested parties are welcome to attend all Board meetings, please RSVP: info@nhfrw.org

When you join NHFRW you are also becoming a member of the National Federation of Republican Women and any club you choose to join! All of our local clubs have their own events, board meetings, member events and number of members within each club varies from 25 to over 200. Members of NHFRW are encouraged to attend any club meeting they find of interest or which works into their schedule. We understand that one size does not fit all and have the built in flexibility to need member's needs. In addition to promoting Republicans, community outreach is a major part of each clubs agenda. There are many ongoing and new programs benefiting from the dedication of NHFRW members. NHFRW Members range from College Republicans, New Hampshire Young Republicans and young professionals to mothers, grandmothers, small business owners and NH female State Representatives, Senators and Nationally known women. Whether you're new to politics, interested in running for office in NH or if you just simply want to create a lifetime network of like minded women of all ages - we encourage you to join our team.

Our State Federation holds several major events a year including a Christmas Party, fundraising events, Membership Kickoffs and events with top New Hampshire and National leaders. One of our largest events, for which we are known nationally is the Lilac Lunch usually held in the spring. We often host a nationally known speaker for this well attended event. Some of the speaker we have had in the past are Barbara Bush, George W. Bush, Lynne Cheney, Christine Todd Whitman, Governor Mitt Romney and Senator George Allen. We also many NHFRW Member Exclusive events including monthly meet-ups, networking events, education workshops, digital advertising and social media tools, civic engagement opportunities, membership discounts to events and much more!

Our calendar is coming soon! The best way to find out about these events is to follow us on Facebook: here and Twitter: here

The objectives of NHFRW as stated in our bylaws are:

  • To promote an informed public through education and political and social activity.
  • To increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government.
  • To facilitate cooperation among the National (NFRW) and State Federations of Republican Women and the local clubs.
  • To foster loyalty to the Republican Party and to promote its principles and candidates in all elections, including non-partisan elections.
  • To support the objectives and policies of the Republican National Committee and the New Hampshire Republican State Committee.
  • To promote the principles of freedom, equality and justice on which the government of this country is founded.

Download Bylaws Here in PDF Format

Please contact us at: info@nhfrw.org

NHFRW Executive Board

PRESIDENT: Elizabeth Girard

Elizabeth is President of the New Hampshire Federation of Republican Women and National Committeewoman for the New Hampshire Young Republicans. Elizabeth graduated the University of New Hampshire (2016) and is a film/television actress. Elizabeth is thrilled to work alongside an incredible team of women in New Hampshire. Elizabeth has a lot of ambitious goals that can only be achieved if we all work together and support one another as we take back the State of New Hampshire. Elizabeth is looking forward to empowering women in New Hampshire and across the country to use their voices, stand up for what they believe in and have success. Please consider supporting women in New Hampshire and women across America. Join the largest grassroots Republican women team: HERE

1st VICEPRESIDENT: Karen Testerman

Biography coming soon!

2nd VICEPRESIDENT & Statewide Membership Director: Rep. Deb Hobson

Deborah L. Hobson is a State Representative for District 35in Seacoast New Hampshire.  The towns shere presents are Newton, East Kingston, Kensington and South Hampton. She enjoyed being a stay-at-home wife and mom, but now those kids are in college.  At the State House she serves on theRecreation, Resources and Development Committee and two water commissions.  She is a member of the Seacoast Republican Woman Club and recently became a board member of the New Hampshire Center for Constitutional Studies. She loves being a Representative and tries hard everyday to represent her district.  She is passionate about bringing women together with patriotic values that reflect love of country and self-reliance.  These principles are just a few that she hopes to share with women across the state in the NHFederation of Republican Women.

3rd VICEPRESIDENT: Sandy Geisler

Biography coming soon!

4th VICEPRESIDENT: Nicole Martin

Nicole Martin is a proud Republican woman because she loves freedom, God, and America. As a teenager when most of her friends were listening to music, she faithfully listened to Rush Limbaugh. For the past two years, she has served as President of the Greater Manchester Club and also prides herself as being an “Early Trump-er” signing up to volunteer the day after he announced his candidacy at a rally in Manchester. She have also served a term as a delegate to the State Convention and will have an opportunity to at the National Convention this year.”


Christine Peters is President of the Souhegan Valley FRW.


Jane Johnson was born and raised in Ohio where she taught elementary grades in Ohio, MA, Mississippi and NH before retiring.After retirement, she served four terms in the NH House of Representatives.Since then, she has joined the Swanzey Conservation Commission, was elected the local Planning Board, appointed to SWRPC and the Advisory Board of Cheshire Co.UNH Extension. She resides in Swanzey, NH and enjoys spending time with her family, friends, the outdoors, music and lots of laughter!


Danielle Rieger of Derry has been involved in NH politics since2008. After starting off as a volunteer for a local campaign she went on to be involved with and work on several campaigns and has been involved with her local Derry Republican Town Committee. In 2012, she attended and graduated from the Vesta Roy Series, and was The Rockingham County Co-Chair for Women for MittRomney Presidential Campaign. She served as the Women's Coalition Director for Marilinda Garcia for Congress in 2014 and in 2015 worked for CARLY for America as a Field Leader. She then worked for the RNC in NH as a Field Leader in 2016.She won the NH Young Republicans Gipper Award for 2017 and served as CampaignScheduler for Eddie Edwards for Congress in the Fall of 2018. Danielle was also elected in 2018 to be a Derry Republican Delegate to the NHGOP Convention and will serve as a NH Delegate for President Donald J. Trump at the 2020 RNCConvention. She loves her state and country and is passionate about electing hard working Republicans to serve in both areas to keep our individual freedoms and liberties and to keep taxes low.


Donni has been active in theNHFRW since moving to New Hampshire in 2009.  She has served as President,Secretary, and Treasurer of SVRW and served on the NHFRW Board in several positions and is currently serving as Treasurer.  She is currently servingas one of the Amherst Supervisors of the Checklist, a position she has held for the past 4 years.  She is active in the Amherst Republican Committee, having served as Secretary.  She willingly volunteers and supports variousRepublican Candidates throughout the election seasons. 


Biography coming soon!

DIRECTOR 1: Nancy Elliot

Nancy Elliot is the most recent Past President of the NewHampshire Federation of Republican Women.

DIRECTOR 2: Jeanine Notter

Jeanine Notter is a State Representative (R-Merrimack) and the Deputy Republican Floor Leader on the House Republicans Leadership Team.She is also President of the Nashua Area FRW Club and a past President ofNHFRW. 

DIRECTOR 3: Jennifer Loginov

Biography coming soon!


Virginia registered to vote on her eighteenth birthday and cast her first vote for her mother.

She is an active member of the Sullivan County GOP, New Hampshire Young Republicans, and NHFRW. Virginia ran in 2018 for State Representative and is again running in 2020! She is now pursuing a Bachelor of Science in History at Liberty University Online.