Literacy & Education Initiative


April 23rd is World Book Day. In celebration of this day, each Club across NH is encouraged to hold an online book reading event.  

The event can be pre-recorded and uploaded to YouTube to be posted on Federation and Federation members' pages on April 23rd.  You can also do a FB live event and read a book live.  You can choose to have one member or several members read.  It can be one event or many.  It is up to your federation to decide what they would like to do.  The book should be appropriate for all ages and each video should be 15 minutes or less (you might lose your audience if it is too long).  

Your event should be announced at least 24 hours in advance so that people are aware and looking for it.  If you choose to do a facebook live event, make sure you "share" the video when you are finished.  Otherwise it will not stay up on your page.  

Clubs and Individual Members are welcome to participate, please email what you decide so that our FB page can used to inform people of your event.  Below is a link to the youtube video from Victoria Sullivan with tips for interactive reading with children.

How to engage children in reading:

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