NHFRW Annual Meeting - September 26, 2016

Join the NH Federation of Republican Women for their Annual Meeting on Monday, September 26th from 2:00-4:00 PM, at the Historic Upham Walker House, 18 Park Street in Concord (to the right of the State House and across the street)

Our guest speaker will be National Committeewoman, Juliana Bergeron.

Read more about the Historic Upham Walker House here: Upham-Walker House

We are keeping it simple this year. We will hear the club reports and allow candidates a chance to speak.

We will be serving an assortment of pies, coffee, and water.

Cost is $10 for members, $20 for non-members.

Hope to see you there!
-Jeanine Notter, NHFRW President

A few of the ladies of the NH Federation of Republican Women sported their good, Republican red jackets at the Open House that was held for potential House candidates. Photo by Rep. Laurie Sanborn (also a member of NHFRW). L-R: Rep. Jeanine Notter (NHFRW State President), Pam Colantuono (President of Greater Manchester club), and Rep. Barbara Biggie (NHFRW Membership Coordinator)

Memoriam for Carol Holden

Carol Holden, Past President of NHFRW (11/6/1942-4/1/2016)

On April 16, 2016 current NHFRW President and State Representative Jeanine Notter read this on the House floor.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker,

I would like to invite the Representatives who were involved with the Vesta Roy Series, or the Federation of Republican Women, to stand with me at the podium to remember and honor our friend, Commissioner Carol Holden.

Mr. Speaker,

When I first got involved with New Hampshire politics I felt a bit star struck, I guess is the term, when I met elected officials. I was nervous the first time I met with Commissioner Holden. A television show called, The Commish, came to mind while I was having coffee at a Dunkin Donuts, in Merrimack, with an actual commissioner. Somehow our conversation led to a discussion of passing the time while waiting in line at the grocery store. When Commissioner Holden told me that she also enjoys reading the tabloid headlines, I felt more at ease and began to realize that perhaps, just maybe, elected officials are also just regular people.

This past Friday, April 1, 2016, Commissioner Carol Holden died peacefully at her home after a brief illness. The news left many of us shocked and saddened, especially for her husband, Don. I just saw Carol, what seems like, days ago. She was wearing one of her signature hats and looked just fine. Yesterday, (Tuesday) at the viewing, I saw the hat before I noticed her family in the receiving line. I'm happy to report that Carol Holden went to her eternal rest sporting a pink straw hat with a good Republican elephant pin at the top. She looked like she was sleeping.

Several of us knew Carol through Vesta Roy. Vesta Roy was the NH State Senate President when Governor Hugh Gallen died in office in 1982. Vesta succeeded him, making her the FIRST female governor of NH. Her portrait is at the base of the stairs that leads to the Senate Gallery.

The first female Speaker of the NH House of Representatives was Donna Sytek. Speaker Sytek was one of the founders of a political educational program called, Vesta Roy Excellence in Public Service.

Carol Holden was on the Vesta Roy Board of Directors and a mentor to several of us serving in the House today. We call ourselves, Vesties. Sometimes we wear a specific gold star to identify ourselves.

It was Carol who taught me to how to politic a room. She taught me the proper wording when asking for an endorsement. She stressed what is essential when running for office. And when things were not to her liking she let me know.

In addition to the Vesta Roy Series, Carol had a long history with the Federation of Republican Women. The National Federation is based in Washington, D.C. Each state has it s own chapter. Carol is a past President. We have five federated groups in our state. I think she supported them all. When I was a club president, Carol was my parliamentarian. It was her job to make sure that I ran the meetings the way that Donna Sytek taught me to in Vesta Roy. Carol gave me a booklet of notes on Robert's Rules for Parliamentary Procedure, to refer to as needed. Honestly though, if Carol was at one of our meetings, it was a lot easier to just look her way for a nod of approval than it was to look at my notes.

A few weeks ago I was informed that as the current state president of the NH Federation of Republican Women, I had to fill the positions required by Nationals. Wasn't it just days ago that I received an email from Carol accepting the position of .you guessed it, Parliamentarian?

Carol's obituary had a long list of Republican boards and activities that she ran or served. She was one of three commissioners for Hillsborough County. Merrimack was one of the towns in her district. She always marched in our 4th of July parade. She worked the Republican booth at county fairs and was always seen at various Republican events, the like the Federation s annual Lilac Luncheon.

Did you know that she was related to President George Bush? Yeah, both of them #41 and #43. Carol is from the Walker branch of the family.

We had coffee with Doro Bush this past December. For those who don t know, Jeb is not George W's only sibling. There is also Neil, Marvin, and Doro. When I introduced Carol to Doro, Doro called her Cousin for the rest of the visit.

Carol held many offices. She was a NH State Rep from 1984-1997. She chaired and co-chaired committees and served as Assistant Majority Leader in her last two years. Female legislators are automatically members of the Order of the Women Legislators. I believe you know them by the term, The OWLS. Sometime last fall I was browsing in the Capitol Visitor's Center. Debbie Rivers pointed to a stack of books on the floor, in the corner, that were being giving away. She handed me one. I took it home and added it to a stack of books sitting on the floor, in the corner, of my room. It was a book about the OWLS. I didn t know what to do with it.

At Christmas time, the Merrimack Town Republican committee had a fundraiser. Carol was there, because Carol went to most Republican meetings. When she saw the book on the table with giveaways and political literature, she asked me about it. When I told her that she could have it, I saw her face light up like I've never seen before. The book covered the years that she served in this House, and her name was in it.

I will always remember how happy and pleased she looked that evening. I can t believe she is gone.

Her friend, local photographer Glynis Citarelli, posted the following on Facebook:

"Madam Commissioner, you truly wore many hats. A tireless public servant. Godspeed my dear friend."

To that I d like to add, may her memory be eternal.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

NHFRW Elects New Board

President - Jeanine Notter
1st Vice President - Donella Hodgkins
2nd Vice President - Laurie Sanborn
4th Vice President - Karen Testerman
Treasurer - Terry McCarthy
Assistant Treasurer - Brenda Major
Corresponding Secretary - Christine Peters
Assistant Corresponding Secretary - Jennifer Couture
Recording Secretary - Sylvia Manley
Assistant Recording Secretary - Barbara Biggie

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