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1) February 1, 2023 - Deadline for Club Leadership & State Leadership to be a member.

2) March 1, 2023 - Membership deadline for members. New Members can join any time, however members who wish to serve as delegates to the NFRW Biennial Convention (September 28-October 1, 2023) MUST join by this deadline.

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NHFRW Bylaws, Policies & Documents:


NHFRW Reimbursement Form: 

If you are in need of a reimbursement from NHFRW please fill out this form and attach all receipts. Requests submitted without this form and proper documentation will not be accepted.

You can either mail the form and receipts to: 


PO Box 4813

Manchester, NH 03108

OR you can email the scanned form and photo copies of receipts to


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Bylaws & Policy Questions:

Club & State Treasurer Important Information: 

Filing with the Secretary of State's Office for PAC Reporting - Club Treasurer's will need to register their club with the Secretary of State's Office (you'll need contact information for both the Club Treasurer and Club President). There is a filing fee of $25 every 5 years and a $50 every election cycle. You need to report all transactions within the club going in and going out. We find it’s best to track using an Excel spreadsheet. Create an account and file reports here:

Deadlines for 2022 Filing: click here

Examples of how to file a report, view NHFRW reports: click here

Online Ticket Sales for Events- All tickets and funds raised must be tracked and raised directly through your club. For example, if you’re selling tickets to attend a painting social - the tickets must be sold through the club not collected by an individual who then gets reimbursed. Best platforms to set up online tickets are Eventbrite, Anedot and WinRed.


Getting the TAX ID - As far as a tax ID # that comes from the IRS.  You can do that through the IRS website which is  Follow the links for EIN numbers.  Towards the end of the process on line request the EIN letter online and you can get the whole thing done in just minutes.  Be sure to print and save the letter somewhere. You will need that at the bank when you open an account and it needs to be in the club’s permanent records. It is suggested that the Treasurer and President be on the bank account. You'll need the Club's TAX ID to set up the account.

Regarding the Secretary of State's Office - You'll need to register with the NH Secretary of State and then there is a filing fee of $25 every 5 years (for a non-profit corporation) so someone in the Secretary of State’s office can help you with that.  If the Club is in a position to contribute to candidates come 2022 they will also have to register in the Secretary of State’s campaign finance system and there is a $50 fee for that every election cycle:

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